The architecture proposed in the ADDONAS project will revolutionise end-user experience for all future digital network services. We propose to change today’s concept of an Access Network from a passive transport element into an active element in the delivery of new services. ADDONAS achieves this by using a 3-stage distributed “Layer 2” switch to flatten the metro and access networks, and combines this with a new level of functionality in the last mile. ADDONAS then proposes the placement of Distributed Data Centres throughout the combined Access/Metro architecture.

The project consortium consists of a highly innovative SME, “Intune Networks”, an existing Access Network supplier “KEYMILE”, an operator “PSNC”, a leading optical technology SME “CSTG” and the University of Essex, providing a complete and balanced program with the full supply chain represented. This project therefore has excellent exploitation possibilities.

A New Approach is Necessary: The ADDONAS consortium believes that today’s architectures promote a low-cost but passive and dumb access network, keeping higher level functions deep in the network. This approach will not scale technically or economically to deliver the required Quality of Experience for mobile video, real-time applications such as cloud computing or to allow end users to create sophisticated and virtual mini-networks for commercial, social and cultural uses.

In summary, ADDONAS changes the cost-performance ratio of the overall end-to-end network solution by distributed expensive switching, aggregation and grooming network functions throughout the transport network. This will deliver lower cost, lower energy consumption and guaranteed Quality of Experience on-demand for users.

ADDONAS is a project co-founded under ERA-NET PIANO+ initiative.
This work is partially supported from the Polish funds for science and education granted for execution of international project.

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